What is Landing Page Software?

Landing page software enables online marketers to create and optimize landing pages quickly and easily. A landing page is also called a “destination page”, “lander”, or “lead capture page”. It is a web page that shows up when you click on an online ad or a SEO-optimized search result. This landing page displays sales content that is an extension of the link, search result, or ad. Landing pages are utilized for lead generation. Visitors’ actions on a landing page determine the marketer’s conversion rate. Marketers and advertisers can boost the effectiveness of their online ads by linking their landing pages to search engine marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and social media. Use this category to learn about top accounting software solutions that offer the most useful features, starting with Wix which is rated the best in the category.

Landing Page Software

Top 10 Most Popular Landing Page Software

Wix reviews

Our Score 9.8

User Satisfaction 100%

Wix is a reliable landing page software with professional-looking templates to match various landing page goals Read Reviews

HubSpot Marketing reviews
HubSpot Marketing

Our Score 9.5

User Satisfaction 99%

HubSpot Marketing is an advanced system that brings all of your marketing efforts together, and helps your team grow traffic and increase conversions. Read Reviews

ClickFunnels reviews

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 97%

ClickFunnels is a website building platform that enables you to design and create sales pages, landing pages and manage your wholr sales funnel. Read Reviews

GetResponse reviews

Our Score 9.2

User Satisfaction 98%

GetResponse is a popular email marketing service that simply gets the job done. Read Reviews

Pardot reviews

Our Score 9.1

User Satisfaction 97%

Pardot is a marketing automation and lead management software that helps you to set up, deploy, and handle online marketing campaigns to boost your company’s revenue. Read Reviews

Wishpond reviews

Our Score 9.1

User Satisfaction 98%

Wishpond is a software tool that scales your business effectively and efficiently. It allows you to get noticed by your audience without much effort and at a reasonable price. Read Reviews

MailChimp reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 98%

MailChimp is an email marketing service for small and developing enterprises that can also handle large volumes of emails for big businesses and organizations. Read Reviews

Unbounce reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 97%

Unbounce is a software product that enables you to enhance your marketing experience and allows you to better reach out to your potential customers. Read Reviews

Leadpages reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Leadpages is a software service that lets you build landing pages that can boost your conversion rate to a great extent. Read Reviews

Instapage reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 97%

With tons of integrations and customization options, Instapage should be your first priority for landing page services. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Landing Page Software

Landing page software enables you to easily create and optimize landing pages to improve your lead generation efforts and conversion rates. There are numerous software platforms available in this niche in the market. So how do you do educated comparisons to zero in on the best landing page software among them? We help you in this task with this buyer’s guide that tells you the main features and factors you should look for in the best landing page software.

Get to know each product with free trial

The ideal way to start your search is to register for the free trial offered by top landing page software providers. You can utilize the free trial period to thoroughly test each app’s main features and gauge their suitability for your marketing needs. Plus, you can do a comparison of your shortlisted programs. Browse the websites of these leading tools to find out if they offer a free trial or demo: InstapageLeadpagesUnbounceOptimizePress, and PAGEWIZ. These solutions have received high rankings in our landing page software reviews, so try them out. 

Targeted Businesses

  • Bloggers can utilize landing page software to enhance their blogs.
  • Digital marketers and advertisers can use solutions in this niche to boost the effectiveness of their online ads and marketing campaigns.

Examples of landing page software

  • Instapage: A leading landing page platform for maximizing your ad spend. You can utilize it to build, collaborate, integrate, and optimize. This robust platform for marketing agencies and teams allows you to control your post-click experience and enhance your conversion rates. The vendor guarantees 99.99% server uptime.
  • Leadpages: Use this landing page creator’s lead generation and opt-in features to generate leads and boost revenue. It generates sales for your company on the web, social media, in emails, and through text messaging. The app provides more than 130 mobile-responsive templates for all industries. You can simply drag and drop them to make them work for your landing pages.
  • Unbounce: Beats most other landing page software as it enables you to reduce turnaround time and convert more traffic without coding skills. Marketers can build high-converting popups and landing pages without needing to rely on developers. More than 14,000 brands derive value from this application. Start today to enhance your conversions by signing up for the 30-day trial.
  • OptimizePress: Offers an easy way to create membership portals, sales pages, and landing pages within WordPress. Use the LiveEditor System to create and edit your pages in real-time. Instantly build fully responsive mobile-ready pages. Select from more than 30 templates and add functionality to your pages with more than 40 custom elements.
  • PAGEWIZ: Allows marketers to design landing pages, manage leads, and automate A/B testing. You can easily create and publish your landing pages without programming or IT skills. Select a professional template to quickly customize images and text and publish your page to attract new customers. In addition, Pagewiz provides robust single-click integrations to export your lead data and enable you to keep working with your existing marketing tools.

Types of landing page software

Landing page software helps to build two main kinds of landing pages: reference and transactional.

  1. Reference. A reference page displays relevant info to visitors. It contains elements such as text, pictures, and dynamic compilations of pertinent links.
  2. Transactional. A transactional page provides a form to visitors in which they can provide their personal info. You can collect their email address and include them in the subscriber list for your email marketing campaigns. This page is thus essential to convert visitors into paying customers.

Key Features of landing page software

  • Automated image masking. Images are more effective than words. Use this feature to add an attractive image to your landing page. It automatically scales and masks the image to fit the template. The advantage is you can save time by seamlessly editing and replacing images.
  • Pre-filled forms. This feature helps to boost conversion rates as it remembers user info submitted in previous forms. Thus, it assists to reduce landing page friction and gets you the info you need for your marketing campaigns.
  • WordPress plug-in. Enables you to create and publish more landing pages on WordPress. This plug-in provides a neat design, thumbnail visuals, and analytics tools.
  • A/B testing. Allows you to test your landing pages to learn more about your visitors and boost  your conversion rates. Get insightful data on your campaigns and dedicate your resources to the most effective ones.
  • Integrations. Improve the efficiency of your landing pages by seamlessly integrating them with your existing automation, optimization, email marketing, social, and CRM tools.

Benefits of landing page software

  • Fast and easy. Before 2012, you needed to hire the services of an expert web designer to create landing pages and opt-in forms as WordPress was clunky in this aspect. Today, you can easily utilize the pre-designed templates offered by landing page software to create elegant and attractive pages.
  • Specific tools for specific jobs. Your website will prove ineffective if it offers too many choices that confuse visitors. Therefore, to make your LinkedIn promotion or Facebook ad more effective you need a specific tool that does a specific job. Create landing pages that deliver what the visitor is looking for when they click on your post or ad. Limit the choice to a simple yes or no to get better results.
  • Mobile compatibility. Top landing page software solutions ensure your pages are mobile friendly. This is essential as more internet searches are done today on mobile devices than on desktops.
  • Focus on effective templates. You can get details on which landing page templates offer the highest conversion rates. Use templates that provide the best conversion rates to get good responses.
  • Effortless split testing. Previously, split testing was the domain of seasoned digital marketers. Today, you can set it up with a few clicks. The software duplicates pages and automatically sends your visitors to both pages. Its dashboard then displays which page ranks higher than the other to enable you to improve your conversions and campaigns.

Latest Trends

  • Longer landing pages. Today, the trend is to build longer landing pages that provide more details to visitors about their choices. They prefer this as it enables them to make informed decisions. A survey shows that longer landing page helped to improve conversions by 37.5% for a company named Highrise. Another advantage is you can include a number of strategically placed calls-to-action in the longer landing page.
  • Minimalist and simple design. Businesses are working smarter and taking the load off visitors by making things easy to understand. Therefore, the simple design trend is here to stay. Adopt this method and ensure you landing page includes elements like high readability, encapsulation, fewer overall colors, contrasting call-to-action colors, clear direct calls-to-action, clear direct headlines, simple copy, and white space.

Potential Issues

  • Costs can add up. Monthly subscription costs to landing page software can add up over time especially if you opt for add-on features that cost extra. Therefore, be clear about what you need and select your features carefully. Opt for the additional features only if you regularly use a lot of landing pages for your business websites.
  • Cancellation can be a pain. If you cancel your subscription to your landing page software you will lose access to all your landing pages. Needless to say, this can be a big blow to your business especially if you use multiple landing pages in your marketing campaigns. Avoid this headache by selecting the vendor carefully so that you stick with them over the long run.

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